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Doshisha University has launched the “COVID-19 Research Project” with 77 subjects of 9 fields covering 3 areas including “Health & Medical Care”, “Society & Economy”, and “Education, Culture & Lifestyle”.
At present, the whole world is under the pandemic of COVID-19 which is said to occur once in a hundred years. It is also said that, after the pandemic is calmed down, new era of drastic changes, including changes in social structure and values, will come. However, even in these changes, responsibility of a university in education, research and social contribution does not change.
What should the post-COVID-19 society be like? Is it possible to sustain values of liberty and equality? Can we develop technologies needed? What should we suggest and achieve for the post-COVID-19 era?
Doshisha University will take our advantage as a comprehensive university to capture post-COVID-19 from every standpoint and area, integrate the findings, and disseminate our achievements as valuable direction for society.

Doshisha University COVID-19 Research Project

Cremation or Burial/『火葬か土葬か』

Front Page and Contents/表紙と目次

  NAKANISHI Hisae/中西久枝 (English日本語

Between Medical Precaution and Religious/Cultural Rights for Performing the Postmortem in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic
  Sriprapha Petcharamesree/シリパパ・ペチャラメスリー (English

What Does “Human Security” Inform Us During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  NISHIKAWA Yukiko/西川由紀子 (English

Between Piety and Safety: The Question of Muslim Compliance with State and Religious Authority During COVID-19 Pandemic
  NAKANISHI Hisae/中西久枝 (English

The World of the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Community in the COVID-19 Era
  Ada Taggar Cohen/アダ・タガー・コヘン (English

Impacts of COVID-19 on Mali’s Women: Gender-based Violence and Job Insecurity
  Asmao Diallo/アスマオ・ディヤロ (English

コロナ禍におけるパキスタンの街頭抗議 ——オーラットマーチの事例より
Street Protests During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan: The Case of Aurat March
  NISHIMURA Minami (Not Available/非公開)

How Did Japanese Media Portray Jewish Ultra-Orthodoxy During COVID-19 Pandemic?
  ASANO Keyaki & NAGASUNA Tsubasa/淺野けやき、長砂翼 (日本語

List of Participants/参加者一覧

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Memory, Meaning, and Pandemic in Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Communities: What is Essential?

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Between Medical Precaution and Religious/Cultural Rights for Performing the Postmortem in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Lecture by Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree held on January 31, 2021

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